Farm Products

Phoenix Farm offers chicken, duck, and goose eggs; American Guinea Hogs as registered breeding stock, feeder pigs, and pork; feeder lambs and lamb meat; and broiler chickens (colored broilers developed for the slow food movement). We're introducing our herd and flock share offers. Download the herd and flock share flyer. Download our price list. See the lineage of our breeding hogs.


When we decided we would add pigs to our farm to help us reclaim overgrown areas, we were delighted to find a heritage breed, American Guinea Hogs, which are smaller than commercial hogs, and well suited to forage feeding. They are a perfect hog for a small operation, and their meat is more flavorful than grocery store pork.

Here is how it works:

$100 up front pays for a two month old piglet

$35 a month pays for grain, bedding and our labor

When you want, we will transport your animal to a slaughterhouse. You will arrange for what cuts you want and will pay for slaughter and butchering costs, and will pick up the meat. Peltos can provide smoking services for ham and bacon. Alternatively, you may transport the pig to your preferred slaughterhouse.

If freezer space is an issue, we will store up to 75 pounds of meat for you at $10 a month.

We have had our pigs slaughtered at 6 months, which resulted in about 40 pounds of meat (we had it quartered) or at about 1 year, which resulted in around 60 pounds of meat done in regular cuts (roasts, steaks, ground). The meat can be processed as a roasting pig at any time.

Ask us about our guaranteed maximum cost per pound.


We have chosen to raise red broilers. This breed was developed for the French "slow food" movement. They are pleasant to work with and taste better than the most popular breed, Cornish Crosses, especially when they can forage for bugs and plants for a significant part of their diet. We raise ours on pasture and feed them non-GMO grain.

Here is how it works:

$15 deposit per bird

$10 balance payable on pickup

Guaranteed maximum cost of $5.50/pound

If you order lots of 25 chicks we will feed them special grains for you (i.e. non-soy or organic) at an increased price based on cost of grain.